Addiction Disease and 12 Steps Overview

We have discussed the disease of addiction which is ravaging lives all over the world, and the successful application of the 12 step program. Addiction is a struggle the addict will have to work with throughout the entire journey of their life, as stated earlier. This applies not only when you are safely tucked away in solitude at home, but also in the social atmosphere. It seems there is always an enemy trying to make you stumble. Sometimes being alone or under the pressures of obligations in the home environment presents a problem. With the 12 step program the addict soon learns they are are not alone in struggles and temptations while battling addiction disease.

Rude Awakening to Disease of Addiction & 12 Step Program as a “Fix”

One day the addict wakes up “without”, and the substance becomes a big deal as a #1 priority in their life. Lo, the rude awakening, as they realize, “This has a strong grip on me and owns me.” The subconscious usually takes over here with denial and reasons why it is okay to get “high”. After awhile tolerance builds up and the initial enjoyment of the substance is tossed out the door. The addict, in response to their illness, becomes a form of a beggar and servant to substance abuse. Many even resort to stealing from loved ones and strangers alike to support their habits. The thoughts of the whole day are on “their supply”. They might try to lie to themselves as a form of denial, but it all ends up the same. Substance abuse is always a thief of life. Insanity and bizarre behavior is now the ruler. The 12 Step Program helps the aware addict to regain control of life again. The addiction affects aspects of the addict’s life that were often taken for granted as part of total well being. A fight is on hand to get their life back, but it can be done. Once again, a balance is achieved.

  • Mental
  • Physical

The life force is replaced with other factors which eat away true happiness. Who does not like waking up in the morning filled with natural joy? The progressive disease of addiction steals the life away and fills an empty cup with more emptiness and much sadness, traits that even the addicts themselves are not aware of.

  • Denial
  • Compulsion
  • Obsession

These are only symptoms of a life controlling and chronic disease, which you can gain rein of, and most likely will always have to fight for.

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Disease of Addiction & 12 Step Program

What does the disease of addiction and the 12 step program have in common? The 12 step program is riding as a strong warrior with a mighty sword. The mission of the 12 step program is to battle the disease of addiction all over the Earth. And guess what? The 12 step program is coming out the victor. It doesn’t matter what drug you are addicted to, because basically they are all the same when it comes to addiction, including alcohol. Many “so called” addicts are not aware in the beginning that they are hopelessly addicted, as long as the steady supply of the abused substance is readily available.

A lot of what people deal with disease wise can be cured if they find something they really enjoy. This can be hanging out with friends once or twice a week, or this could be something more meaningful on a global scale. Even picking up something like skateboarding or snowboarding can change the way you view life.

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12 Step Key For Concrete Contractors in Buffalo

Picture yourself as the strong warrior that you are. Yes, you have been beaten down, but you can battle this strong addiction. Be whole, be happy, and get rid of this disease eating away the very foundation of your life. One positive thought is worth a million negative thoughts. It does take great training. You can do it, and you don’t have to do it alone. The secret to a full life, without overwhelming addiction is outlined in these 12 steps. Hope is yours and FREE for the taking.

  1. WE ADMIT as an addict that our lives are no longer under our control and have become unmanageable in all aspects.
  2. WE BELIEVE that only a greater power can give us back a life with natural happiness, free from disease, and a sound mind.
  3. WE MAKE A DECISION to put illness, our will, and lives into God’s hands, and know that he is with us in all areas for healing.
  4. WE SEARCH OURSELVES with no fear as we examine the basis of our very self and moral roots.
  5. WE ADMIT TO OURSELVES, ANOTHER, AND GOD our wrong doings, leaving no stone unturned in pure honesty.
  6. WE ARE READY for God to remove our flaws in moral character without fear of judgment, through his unconditional love.
  7. WE HUMBLY ASK to have any illness removed along with shortcomings giving instability a home.
  8. WE PROCEED TO MAKE AMENDS and prepare a written list of all we have harmed, and examine how we can make amends.
  9. WE EXAMINE DIRECT AMENDS to those we have harmed with our addiction, taking action, unless the amends will be harmful or hurt others.
  10.  WE TAKE PERSONAL INVENTORY DAILY and readily admit when we are wrong.
  11.  WE SEEK GOD THROUGH PRAYER AND MEDITATION on a daily basis so we might learn to live happily and free of addiction traits. We ask for strength and knowledge to do God’s will on this Earth.

WE PRACTICE THESE 12 STEPS DAILY AND SHARE WITH OTHERS as a result of the “Spiritual Awakening” which was so freely handed us through all goodness for an abundant life.

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Always in Recovery Addiction Disease and 12 steps

Complete abstinence from all drugs, including the social drink with alcohol, is the best approach to recovery from an addiction illness. The addict learns to live to their best potential while politely declining substances which have the power to control them and their lives. The recovering addict learns to stand firm if they stumble, and humbly realizes they will always be a “recovering addict”. Eventually, hey will regain posture and stance, especially as the “dopamine” in the brain is restored to a healthy level from the havoc wrecked upon it. Dopamine, a major player in substance abuse, produces the effects of how we move, learn, and respond emotionally. If you are suffering with addiction disease, count yourself worthy as you take advantage of the hope given freely through the 12 step program. Stay humble.