12 Step Key For Concrete Contractors in Buffalo

Picture yourself as the strong warrior that you are. Yes, you have been beaten down, but you can battle this strong addiction. Be whole, be happy, and get rid of this disease eating away the very foundation of your life. One positive thought is worth a million negative thoughts. It does take great training. You can do it, and you don’t have to do it alone. The secret to a full life, without overwhelming addiction is outlined in these 12 steps. Hope is yours and FREE for the taking.

  1. WE ADMIT as an addict that our lives are no longer under our control and have become unmanageable in all aspects.
  2. WE BELIEVE that only a greater power can give us back a life with natural happiness, free from disease, and a sound mind.
  3. WE MAKE A DECISION to put illness, our will, and lives into God’s hands, and know that he is with us in all areas for healing.
  4. WE SEARCH OURSELVES with no fear as we examine the basis of our very self and moral roots.
  5. WE ADMIT TO OURSELVES, ANOTHER, AND GOD our wrong doings, leaving no stone unturned in pure honesty.
  6. WE ARE READY for God to remove our flaws in moral character without fear of judgment, through his unconditional love.
  7. WE HUMBLY ASK to have any illness removed along with shortcomings giving instability a home.
  8. WE PROCEED TO MAKE AMENDS and prepare a written list of all we have harmed, and examine how we can make amends.
  9. WE EXAMINE DIRECT AMENDS to those we have harmed with our addiction, taking action, unless the amends will be harmful or hurt others.
  10.  WE TAKE PERSONAL INVENTORY DAILY and readily admit when we are wrong.
  11.  WE SEEK GOD THROUGH PRAYER AND MEDITATION on a daily basis so we might learn to live happily and free of addiction traits. We ask for strength and knowledge to do God’s will on this Earth.

WE PRACTICE THESE 12 STEPS DAILY AND SHARE WITH OTHERS as a result of the “Spiritual Awakening” which was so freely handed us through all goodness for an abundant life.

All of this is sponsored by a local buffalo company that has been supporting our research since day one! They first started as patients of addiction but developed into very successful business owners. Now they provide the Buffalo and WNY area with quality Buffalo concrete service. We love contractors that do what they promise to customers.