Disease of Addiction & 12 Step Program

What does the disease of addiction and the 12 step program have in common? The 12 step program is riding as a strong warrior with a mighty sword. The mission of the 12 step program is to battle the disease of addiction all over the Earth. And guess what? The 12 step program is coming out the victor. It doesn’t matter what drug you are addicted to, because basically they are all the same when it comes to addiction, including alcohol. Many “so called” addicts are not aware in the beginning that they are hopelessly addicted, as long as the steady supply of the abused substance is readily available.

A lot of what people deal with disease wise can be cured if they find something they really enjoy. This can be hanging out with friends once or twice a week, or this could be something more meaningful on a global scale. Even picking up something like skateboarding or snowboarding can change the way you view life.

Some people enjoy competition and thrive in a business type environment. This ranges from owning a roofing Buffalo company to starting a charity. This local Buffalo company is a great example of someone who had a vision and just went after it!