Rude Awakening to Disease of Addiction & 12 Step Program as a “Fix”

One day the addict wakes up “without”, and the substance becomes a big deal as a #1 priority in their life. Lo, the rude awakening, as they realize, “This has a strong grip on me and owns me.” The subconscious usually takes over here with denial and reasons why it is okay to get “high”. After awhile tolerance builds up and the initial enjoyment of the substance is tossed out the door. The addict, in response to their illness, becomes a form of a beggar and servant to substance abuse. Many even resort to stealing from loved ones and strangers alike to support their habits. The thoughts of the whole day are on “their supply”. They might try to lie to themselves as a form of denial, but it all ends up the same. Substance abuse is always a thief of life. Insanity and bizarre behavior is now the ruler. The 12 Step Program helps the aware addict to regain control of life again. The addiction affects aspects of the addict’s life that were often taken for granted as part of total well being. A fight is on hand to get their life back, but it can be done. Once again, a balance is achieved.

  • Mental
  • Physical

The life force is replaced with other factors which eat away true happiness. Who does not like waking up in the morning filled with natural joy? The progressive disease of addiction steals the life away and fills an empty cup with more emptiness and much sadness, traits that even the addicts themselves are not aware of.

  • Denial
  • Compulsion
  • Obsession

These are only symptoms of a life controlling and chronic disease, which you can gain rein of, and most likely will always have to fight for.

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